Tas Bognar

Mindfield explorer, Asia traveller, spiritual teacher and family father. 

I was born in Budapest, Hungary, 1975. After having 20 years of a very colourful and professional life in sports, music and corporate IT business, I turned to spirituality in a much deeper level. Studied a wide range of oriental philosophy, spiritual practices and energy healings, such as Zen meditation, crystal healing, Prana Nadi, Usui Reiki and so on.

Started to have an inner calling to step on a one year travel to Asia in ’99, and by crossing many countries from the Philippines to India, picked up meditation teachings from buddhist monks in Thailand, from yogis in India and from tibetan Rinpoches and Lamas in North India, Dharamsala (Mcleod Ganj).

I had a strong desire to stay in Asia so I settled down for a couple of years. I deepened my studies of oriental teachings on the mindfield. Two children have been born in a happy family in the meanwhile. One daughter Alma and one son Amon.

My master ordered me to teach in Europe. So, for 18 years I did use the teachings as a clairevoyant for the benefit of others, and paralelly I used to teach the practices of the mindfield on intuition, remote viewing, lucid dreaming, astral projection and so on.

At the same time I started to bring spiritual groups to Asia since 2009. Every year we visited the places I know very well and show them the culture of India, Tibet, Nepal and Thailand. I made about 20+ trips in fourteen years. I mixed two things in my travel: spirituality and adventure. Experience, knowledge and practice.

I keep on showing how to travel in time and space by our sixth sense, and I do make retreats with mindful travels to the places where this teachings are still alive.