Travel to the mindfield by astral projection. 

We take a trip to other dimensions using one’s finer astral body has always intrigued man, as have levitation, invisibility, and time travel. Throughout the 20th century, many fine books have been written about these topics.

For over a quarter century, I have been fascinated by the Astral World and the possibility of astral travel. My introduction to this enticing subject came in the form of tibetan masters practices.

Each of my masters glimpsed into the astral world and higher levels. I practiced time and time again to have astral trips, bringing back words of encouragement, prophecy and descriptions of exciting “worlds” beyond ours.

It soon became evident to both myself and colleagues that a newer, easier and more reliable method of projecting out-of-body must be developed for students on their quest.

Astral travel is the deepest and the most advanced travel in the mindfield! But the most hard to practice.