Aura photos of the readings. 

I had an auracamera (Coggins 6000) to catch peoples radiance. Let me show you some examples to prove how ones energy is changing by different effects in life.

There will be before and after photos. Most of them made with a very little time difference

The prayer. Here you see a woman praying for 3 minutes, and the glow shines with a lots of pink, and white 🙂 I have no clue if it was Christian, Muslim or Buddhist prayer…but I think it doesn’t matter…


Two minutes of workout. This man is an IT professional who is sitting all day long made some body movements, and his aura got a bright shine. Proven.

Auradynamics. This picture is about me and my daughter. It shows how auradynamics works. We started in a different frequency before we started to play a simple game. After 30 minutes of playing we had a fully connected aura. We were “one” in a state of mind where you should think about why telepathy works.

Lifestyle. The difference between an 18 years old numb pixie and a hyperactive 98 years old woman. WOOOOW. What a difference…just by their different lifestyle! The girl has a passive sitting job, the lady moves daily. The girl has an antisocial life, the lady has a group of positive friends meeting up daily. The girl has an inactive intellectual/spiritual life, the lady still learns new food recipes, languages, reading books and living the spiritual life.

Destroy. The pictures below are to show you how easily you can destroy your aura by alcohol for example. The fist photo is before the party. Innocent. Second is after a beer and a shot. Third made after two bottles of white vine. The fourth is a disaster: the hangover. Completely dead, dark, unconscious, unbearable. Attention! You should know anger can be even much more poisonous and there are an infinite number of examples how you can change your energy system!

And the witch. No need to explain.