Experiences after the teachings and the practice second part.

All this experiences are after the teachings of Psychoinformatics. Especially how to travel in the Mindfield day and night by intuition. Worth take a look into this reality, so one can immagine how it works.

This collection is just a small part of all what the student are sending me each day:

Perception of pregnancy

After the course, practicing aura in particular was a lot of fun and full of happiness, but I also had an intuitive surprise these days.

My girlfriend has been struggling with illness for weeks since she was 43, so it never occurred to anyone that she was facing pregnancy. She knew that I was practicing what I had learned on your course, she asked me to help her find out what might be behind her everyday malaise because his GP had not yet found an explanation and he had to wait for an investigation. Upon request, I applied the intuition technique I learned, and to my surprise, a picture of a running little boy appeared on my inner screen. The experience was very surprising and it was later confirmed that my girlfriend was pregnant and indeed had a baby boy.

Another experience:

I am an accountant, but in my spare time I do massage. While massaging one of my colleagues, the question arose as to whether she might be expecting a child and help me tell if this was indeed the case. Since I am neither an experienced sighter nor anyone else, I could only rely on the fact that during the massage, having experienced it before, a wavelength develops between the patient and me. After a little silence, an image of a verdant tree appeared in my inner field of view. For me, this meant that a tiny little life was hidden in the patient’s body. This was later confirmed, she had a twin pregnancy.

Sincerely, Margaret

Intuitive sense of theft

I am very grateful for my intuition that it worked and I listened to it today, so I managed to get away from stealing my valuables from my bag at Auchan in Budaörs.

I’m still under the influence of one moment picking the carrots in my bag next to me in the top holder of the car, and by the time I turn back, the zipper of my bag is half open.

At the beginning of the vegetable line, I felt like I was taking my phone and wallet out of my bag and putting my jacket in my pocket. I did it. That’s how I avoided being robbed.



Intuitive prevention of a robbery

Hi Tas!

Here is a fresh intuition story: I felt that my very expensive assets would be stolen.

Well, that’s not entirely true, because I didn’t specifically feel like they wanted to take the equipment, it just happened that when I went to the hospital to visit my son, I had the feeling that I had to go down to the car without any signs… I didn’t know why, but the feeling was strong.

As I stepped out of the parking lot, I saw a man with my big box (3.5 million) and my notebook (invaluable data) walking away from my car just at the very moment Istepped out from the hospital and saw my car and the robbery. Just in the right time.

Now my question is: what are the chances that I am right there, in the right place and at the right time? Anyway, I remember when I left the car and looked back, I stopped, “is everything okay?” But somehow I was in such a hurry to my son that I was bored with the strange feeling.

I got my tools back… but if I didn’t have the intuition, I would have been in big trouble because there was no insurance for it …

Thank you for your teachings Tas!

Best regards:


Two intuitive stories

I would share two intuitive stories right away.

We went by car, the kids in the back. We stopped at a gas station for food and I had a hunch I had to walk around the car because something was wrong. Then I saw that it wasn’t in vain because the back door where the kid was sitting wasn’t closed properly, which isn’t very healthy at 120 on the highway.

Another is that they never used to have police officers on the edge of our village, but somehow I had a feeling I had to tie myself in now because it was like there was control. And of course they were there. Again: they never used to controll cars at the end of the village.

I confess that before the course, I was afraid that practicing intuition could be dangerous because I might see things I didn’t want to see. But I had to realize that this was not the case!

Practicing intuition is as useful as glasses for the visually impaired!

Thanks for everything!


I could feel the deer on the way

Hi Tas!

On the road, I felt, while driving, just as I was practicing intuition, in a meditative state, I felt a deer jumping in front of me. On that road it is quite usual.

I slowed down and the deer really jumped in front of me! If I don’t slow down, it could fall on the windshield! I don’t know how I felt. It’s not an everyday occurrence for me after all.

I recommend exercise to everyone!

I saw my daughter’s problem

Dear Tas,

The following happened, which is perfect for an intuitive experience: I felt the real reason for my little girl peeing.

At dawn I woke up to my daughter’s cry because she had peeed again at night. I relaxed her with the tonglen technique while “looking at” what could be the cause of the peeing, which had been going on for weeks. The spreading of my relaxed aura made a deep effect on her, it was perfect, and within 1-2 minutes it jumped in that something was wrong in the nursery and about sleeping. More information than that was that I had to call the nursery in the morning … and I felt I had enough information. There is the solution to the problem.

In the morning, when I called the kindergarten, it turned out that my daughter was announcing every afternoon that she had to pee and was really peeing. Then when she was laid back, every day, she announces that she has a business on the toilet again, and really.

She actually developed a mental routine for her to go to bed, equal to squirting.

Then I decided to go to the kindergarten for her before going to bed over there, and in two days the peeing stopped !!!

I didn’t have to take her to a doctor or psychologist, but this few minutes of clairvoyant meditation saved us from a bigger torture, not just me, but my daughter too!

Thank you to you and your Masters for your teaching, and thank you for practicing properly. Without practice, this would not have been possible!

Best of luck!


My father sensed, from hundreds of miles away, that I was in trouble

You asked for intuition stories on FB, so I would share the most important one for you. If this is not intuition, then nothing.

I was still a teenage guy when one night I had an injury to my ankle due to a skateboarding accident. I stumbled home with my friends and didn’t attach much importance to the pain because I had a lot of accidents already, I have a very good pain tolerance. So much so that I could even lie down to sleep, though as it turned out later, a very important bone was broken in my ankle.

And here comes the curiosity of the story. Around 3 a.m., my dad burst into the apartment in a state of complete excitement and woke me up with the immediate question, “Aren’t you in trouble? Is everything okay?”. I didn’t understand what he was looking for there, as he was two hundred kilometers away from Budapest, and he didn’t usually break into the apartment with such questions at night, and he had a taxi block around the capital at that time, so he crashed into the apartment in a completely impossible situation and time.

I said for a short few seconds that there was no problem, but it turned out that my ankle hurt terribly. By then, I realized that this ankle is surely broken.

My dad quickly took me to the ER, where after the x-ray it turned out that a small but very important bone had broken, and then the doc said that if my dad hadn’t taken me to the hospital right now, my foot would have grown obliquely forever, it would have turned inward since I was still growing.

I will never forget that dawn because my dad saved my leg!

If I will have more experiences I’ll let you know.



Unfortunately, I did not listen to my intuition

Hi Tas!

You asked me to share intuitive stories, so here’s an anti-story that teaches us how to listen to our intuition because we can save ourselves from more serious, fatal events.

In Greece, on the shores of a bay, I enjoyed the sun, I was just after lunch, quite relaxed. I just watched the sailors — locals and tourists — come and go from sea boating one after the other.

A young couple caught my eye as they walked down to the water with the two small children. For some reason, my eyes clung to this family and a very bad feeling caught me. I didn’t know why yet.

Then when they got into the boat without a life jacket, I immediately popped up because the picture came together and I was sure this would be a problem. Then I preferred not to run there, not to shout there, because I had been told many times not to interfere in everything. I rather gave my son a lecture that “well, this shouldn’t be done.”

My bad feeling didn’t go away after all, and then when I was approx. After 2 hours, several ambulances arrived ashore, and the image intensified in me that one of the children was in trouble. I even left the scene, my feelings and thoughts stirred.

The next day I learned from the locals that the small boat had capsized and one of the children had sunk. I know it’s not a hilarious story, but it left a very deep imprint on me. As a lesson, I want to pass on this experience to everyone, because let’s listen to our intuition, because it can even save lives!

I’ll be writing some story soon because there are a few more, you just asked me to be short, and so I did it.