Experiences after the teachings and the practice.

All this experiences are after the teachings of Psychoinformatics. Especially how to travel in the Mindfield day and night by intuition. Worth take a look into this reality, so one can immagine how it works.

This collection is just a small part of all what the student are sending me each day:

My wife dreamed about what happened to me at dawn..

Tas, I can’t believe this! I have to write it down!

I always knew that my wife had strange things, approx. like a witch, but what happened was very serious. There were similar ones at other times, but this is scary, I’m serious.

I was far away in the countryside, and she was at home in Budapest. I had a physically demanding job, and I should have taken medicine for my blood vessels, but I neglected it. And in the morning, when I wanted to go to the bathroom, I jumped out of bed, passed out, and woke up on the floor with my head in a pool of blood. Specifically, I vomited blood because a blood vessel in my stomach burst, and the blood splashed into my stomach, which came out immediately. At first I didn’t understand how I fellt to the floor and what was happening here. Of course, ambulance, emergency, etc.

What was even more shocking about the whole thing was that she wrote on messenger around the time it happened that “I dreamed you vomited blood”.

I was completely shocked. All I could write was “You’re freaky”, which of course I think she misunderstood, but then I wrote that this really happened, what she dreamed. However, she was also quite surprised by this.

Moreover, 1-2 days before, she said that she had a bad feeling, that something was going to happen to me. I told her to say it, but she waved me off that I probably wasn’t interested anyway. But I was.

So I understand what you taught, that there is a field of consciousness, and that people who are in a closer relationship feel each other better, I understand that we are like antennas that contains all radio transmissions, and if we tune in to a frequency, that transmission will come. ..but please…that blew the fuse. Now, should I do everything from now on with an “industrial camera” watching me? It might sound funny, but it’s not.

That’s it in a nutshell, then cut it shorter (I did).

Bye, and I hope this is a good bit of feedback…

There was a statistically impossible intuition.

I thought I’d expand my repository of intuitive stories too. It’s just happened, and while it’s not a wildly big deal, there’s no chance of the story having a statistical chance, and there can be no other explanation for this than the existence of the “field of consciousness” you mentioned in the course. Of course, let everyone decide for themselves what might have happened:

It was just written to me by a former acquaintance I thought of for the first time in a year yesterday. Not only did I think about it, but I also looked at Faceook’s profile yesterday to see if it existed on the air at all.

To this she writes to me today what is my opinion: go to a country I know well (Spanish) or another? Can I help with the topic etc.

It’s a fact that I haven’t thought about her in 4 years. I haven’t even met her, we have nothing serious to do with each other. I didn’t want anything from her, she just came to my mind (how interesting this word is, since this girl literally came to my mind, she crawled into my mind yesterday). Obviously she had to think of me yesterday morning and wrote today. There is no other explanation for it, as I never thought about her in four years. 

So I ask skeptics what this might be? Does anyone have an explanation? The chances are that it would be like announcing yesterday in the newspaper that “tomorrow the President of China will find the President of the United States” 🙂

It happened so much now that I suddenly had to write it down.

Wishing more practice for all your students!


We escaped a deer passage. It was a beautiful sight.

My wife told me to describe it because it is more credible since I was not in your course, but she was.

Specifically, we escaped a deer crossing on the border of Somogy and Baranya, because my wife felt this somehow on the way, and as we approached the scene, it became more and more tense. We went to the “Country House” from Ják, and you need to know about my wife that she talks a lot when we are on the way, but now the mood in the car was very different. She began to pay attention. He began to tense, but not like a “human”, but like a wild animal who was very focused on something, something dangerous. It was completely quiet, just watching.

She said softly, “Slow down, something’s wrong here.” From then on, I started to feel like in a movie, it was kind of a thriller-like experience as I started to feel defenseless about something. Then she leaned forward — even though she was pregnant with a big tummy, so she wasn’t even excited about squeezing her belly — put his right hand on the glove compartment and said even more softly, “I think the deer will run through.” From here, I watched like a prehistoric man in the Stone Age, and suddenly three deer jumped across the road about 150 feet away. Then another 5-10-15-20-30 …. and finally we just watched as I don’t know how many, but surely more than a hundred deer ran in front of us with such speed and mass and massive power, yet elegance as one beautiful very long brunette tank, which if it goes through you, you will surely have some problem. It’s an awesome sight to see the power of such a biotank, you feel … but I’m saying not one, but at least 200. Awesome!

The whole story itself has excited us very seriously. On the one hand, the sight we had never seen before, on the other, that we were in a thriller-like situation, and the third, as my couple in front of her whispered, “the deer is coming” … it was all completely captivating. If only one had come to us, there would have been an accident.

I also bought a Jagermeister through Lad 🙂

That’s the story.



My partner felt the pipe break

You asked us to share intuitive happenings. Well, here’s one what my girlfriend produced the other day.

Although I was your student for approx. 15 years ago, I have both practiced and used the exercises as a professional psychologist to see deeper than my patients in exploring the real problem. Very useful and not only at work but in all walks of life!

My girlfriend, on the other hand, sometimes draws my attention spontaneously to things that can’t be  coincidental. And here it is, too. The story is as follows:

I had to go to an office for the second time because the first time was a failure. My partner says, “You’re going to go unnecessarily again because there will definitely be a pipe break.” I waved it, but if this witch says that, the man is unsure whether to take the city back and forth for a 3-hour trip unnecessarily.

Well, I set off, and that sight greeted me on the street of the office. I also took photos with my mobile I sent you. I was completely shocked, I even sent her. There was no sign of shock in her response, she just sent a smiley on the messenger in response as if it were completely natural. Then she suddenly switched to something else in the next message, as if it were completely ordinary for her … she didn’t even start to pretend to be surprised …

You mentioned when I was repeating that women have more advanced brains in the sense that the “cortex” connecting the two hemispheres is three times thicker than men, so their intuition is more advanced. Many times I am reminded of the way you quoted Einstein that “no discovery was made in rational thinking” or “the intuitive brain is a blessed gift, the rational brain is a faithful servant”.

Well, my objective conclusion, derived from many years of experience, is to implement the everyday routine in men’s lives to ask the female brain before a decision situation what it feels about a particular decision, and then to think it over rationally.

 I should have called the office anyway …

That’s it.

I wish you all the best!


Intuition saved my life on a construction site

I have to tell a not too old, shocking story. For days I was under the influence of what was happening, and now that I am recalling, I am still a little shivering.

I’m trying to put it simple because you asked for the feedback to be short. The point is, if I don’t step aside two steps, a 24-pound giant wave slate will break my head in two parts, for sure. It is a huge 8 corrugated asbestos cement slate that is killer in size and weight when dropped from a height of 1130×1750 mm and 24 Kg.

So what happened was that we were immersed in a topic with my colleague during the construction, we were talking. Then I had a bad feeling that I shouldn’t be standing where I was and I went 2-3 steps away while talking. About 10 seconds later, the slate hit exactly where I had stood before. If that slate falls on my head with its edge, it will surely break my head in two.

I didn’t really feel that much danger when I stepped away, it was just uncomfortable standing where I was. I just couldn’t pay attention to the conversation and I moved 2-3 steps away. Shocked!

I’ve been on your course for about 10 years ago, practicing after that, but I wouldn’t call myself your most diligent student in my opinion. Surely others practice more, and I think they have a lot more of these stories – seeing the stories on your page.

For my part, this is a fresh story. If there will be another such brutal event, I will share it with you. Of course, there are smaller stories all the time, much more after the course than before, but that … well, it was very serious.

Thanks for everything!


My intuition upsets, but I don’t mind because …

In you collection with this story I release my anger which I owe to my intuition – that is, my cheating boyfriend – but in the end I don’t mind that he cheated me, and then that he’s lying … but I’ll unravel this story .

He was getting ready for a festival, and I didn’t already have a good feeling that there was going to be something here, something depressing, but I was starving for my “stupidity”.

Now, one Friday night, the night before I’ve been cheated, I wrote a message that please don’t cheat me because I feel like it’s going to happen. It was a disturbing evening, I felt it was going to happen. I called him the next Saturday morning to see what had happened, but he denied everything. I stuck to my intuition and folded the subject until he finally confessed what had happened.

What was shocking was that when I wrote it on Friday, he didn’t even know it was going to happen, because he didn’t even know er then, and he didn’t have such a plan. He only saw my message on Saturday morning. So this can also be called divination.

With what I have learned from you, I have looked deeper into what could be the cause of it all, and a very different reality has been revealed through clairvoyance. I tuned in and understood what I had done wrong with, so I saw the causal relationship. That’s how I managed to forgive. By the time he got home, we had discussed things calmly.

All in all, it was better to see what happened, but it would have been better if I hadn’t seen it, but without it we wouldn’t have been able to discuss our problems.

Well, that’s all.



My daughter fainted and I felt it at that moment

Two things came to mind when you asked me what my intuitive story was. Sure, there would be more to it if I thought a lot, but now I’d split those two. One is more interesting than the other.

Once my daughter and I were on the beach in Italy, and when she went for water, everything was fine. Then I soon felt bad. It’s kind of a “something is wrong with her” feeling.

I stopped, and then a lady came looking for my daughter’s mom – looking for me actually. Well, it turned out she fainted when I felt something was wrong. She did not faint a little, but collapsed to the ground. It was quite clear that it was intuition, my intuition was very strong.

The other intuition was strange because I felt an event years before. It seems pretty insignificant, but it’s still thought-provoking.

It happened that I was visiting a friend of mine, and when I looked at the pots in the window, a feeling suddenly popped in, “they were going to fly.” As strange as it sounds … 🙂 I didn’t know where the feeling came from. Plus, I didn’t feel like they were going to “fall down” as there was a grille in front of the window, so they can’t fall down and “fly away” either.

Well, two years later, there was a huge storm that ripped the roof over the tiles and flew away regularly.

I’ll send more stories if they come to mind.

Have a nice summer!


Intuitive feedback from a professional therapist

You may not remember me because many people come to you for an intuition course and I have been in one of your groups for maybe 7-8 years.

I constantly practice and apply what I have learned in the course in my practice. I have been involved in several therapies / analyzes: tarot, kinesiology, astrology, family setting, etc … for 20 years now.

Not only is it amazing to me how much I see better into souls and events, but the feedback from my clients also proves that the exercises bring the expected success very conspicuously. Especially the Tibetan technique of Tonglen. And of course the other everyday practices.

You should consider doing an advanced course for therapists. And if you do, I’d love to go … but it doesn’t matter, I’ll just say 🙂

You asked all your students for a story on practice / intuition. Well, I just started to describe a couple.

A hyperactive, tense little boy had to be analyzed with a muscle test. However, with muscle testing, we connect to the body’s communication system, the nerve system. Well, the Tonglen technique helped calm the boy down for the first time, while information came intuitively that I couldn’t know about at all. The therapy was very fast this way and it was very effective.

An astrological case. You know that the formula is just a map, but you need to add intuition. Well, with the Tibetan technique  you taught, the following happened: not only did I see exactly his past (children, divorce, the exact date of the financial roller coasters, but also his future, but not vaguely, but concretely.

When starting a family, we know what happens: everyone in the group enters a part of the field of consciousness. I had awesome experiences here too, but I won’t bore you anymore 🙂

Have a nice day!


Intuitive perception of Covid in kindergarten

I was at the Complex Course with you in the summer, and since then I have been practicing all the techniques you have explained wonderfully on a regular basis.

You asked us for feedback at the end of the course and now I have something to write 🙂

The current situation in Covid and the kindergarten is the backbone of the story … and my husband’s disbelief …

What happened during my practice was to see, in a more meditative state (let’s be honest, while smoking in the morning) how the second wave would turn out. It was an interesting feeling: I did not feel panic, but an intense feeling of striving for a solution. I knew there would be no problem if we acted.

So I told my husband that we shouldn’t take our daughter back to the kinderkarten and that would have to be handled logistically. He really didn’t want to, he said it’s impossible.

So he got back to the ovi and the news came soon! One day, one mom in the FB group announced that she got the Covid, followed by another, then two babysitters in a row, and then one of the children in the group.

Luckily, we took the kid out of the daycare in ​​the very first case. Since then, the groups have been closed yesterday.

My husband realized there would have been more harm if we had to be officially quarantined because he was doing work that couldn’t be done in a home office.

So intuition starts to be a daily routins finally!!! Useful!



Experiencing aura vision

I would like to share with you an experience with aura vision. I attended a Qi-kung course last weekend and the experience to be shared with me towards the end of the second day.

Chi-kung is a series of basic exercises, the last element of which is the tree position.

While standing in this position, I started focusing on a point opposite me, then came the deeper state of mind (which you mentioned) and all of a sudden I saw an emerald green aura around the instructor. Then I wached my palms, and the fingers, and the aura moved together with my body, so it can’t be an optical illusion. The I turned around: some people had brighter and biger aura, some had softer while an other had harder…

It was such an experience for me that I definitely wanted to describe to you.

Have a nice day!


The glasses

Thank you for opening my “eyes” with the intuition course, more precisely, as you put it, you only give glasses to the visually impaired as an optician 🙂 I will remember this forever 🙂

I practice Nepali “six horses” technique, etc. every day… and I just see when I have to do and what I have to do. It’s unconscious how much I haven’t looked at what I’m doing so far and what the consequences will be. Of course I was always confidential about what I am doing, but now it’s just a new level of understanding.

I see it a little clearer, and I thank you immensely for that, because I see the benefits not only in business, but in all areas of life (I say: I SEE) 🙂

Congratulations, perfect, keep on teaching!


A short story of an interesting intuition

I would like to express my intuition about a missing person who has ben lost. My husband’s colleague disappeared and not even his car was found. I was already practicing some intuition on Saturday afternoon when my husband talked about the gentleman’s disappearance. I had a very bad feeling, something was very wrong about Him.

When the course started on Sunday, I indicated to you a little anxiously what had happened and how I felt. You looked at it a little, too, and you weren’t sure if it was alive or not, but you also felt like a more serious problem than if something was over here. You said that this particular person is dead alive…or something like this. Alive, but no response.

I just got the news that he had a stroke and was found after 7 p.m. He has been in a vigilant coma ever since and can only move 50-50% of his eyes.

In short, that’s all …

I wish you all the best!


My intuition was very helpful

I have to write to you right away this morning, how happy I am that with my intuition I have not wasted half a day to go to a very distant city unnecessarily… and here comes the story:

I should have rewritten something in a small town in the mayor’s office. I was already done with the papers at half past seven, I looked out at the bus, smoked another cigarette, and then I thought I’d rather call me at 8 in the morning because I felt like it was completely pointless and unnecessary when I got there. Honestly, I had no idea why.

I called the office after 8 to get information about the office hours and says the machine voice that today, Tuesday there is no customer reception!

If I didn’t listen to my intuition, I would be standing there at the office now and crushing the “closed” board right away!

Instead, I am now very happy to describe this to you!

Thanks for the course 🙂 It was interesting and funny 🙂

I wish you all the best!


My experience today with a real clairevoyant

I will now describe what happened this morning!

I know it’s not new to you, because it’s been your job and you’ve been teaching for years, but I’m shocked.

I asked a sighted friend to check it out urgently. He said he was just going to go shopping, but immediately “scans” it through an online chat (!). Everything was right, very precise, perfectly targeted, but so that he had just come home from the shopping and called right away, so no preparation, he just rang me suddenly on the messenger.

I didn’t say anything in advance !!!

He started saying after a few seconds that we needed to talk about the lower abdominal area.

I said yes, the area under the stomach.

He corrected, clarified that the area under the navel will be more important. Not on the left and not on the right, but in the middle, at the bottom. He touched at the very first minute that we had to talk about gynecology here, and yet not completely in the middle, but a little to the left.

I said yes, that’s why I’m calling. He says ‘something has to do with the hormonal system that…’ and before he finished saying ‘… that can be detected’. I interrupted that I did a couple of tests and one became positive and the others were negative. So there really is something out there that can be detected. He wanted to suggest to the gynecologist — we’re in the second minute of our conversation here — but I interrupted again that I already have an appointment with my doctor.

We talked for another 1-2 minutes about what other spiritual reasons there might be, but I wouldn’t go into that right now.

The point is, I asked him how he was doing it and to my surprise he said he had no idea. Of course I know you know, I just don’t think he wanted to go into a long conversation … he said modestly that he’s always surprised, even though he’s been doing this full-time for 15 years 🙂

All I wanted to write now was a sudden upset …

Thanks for sharing …



My intuition shocked me

I’ve read several times that you’d ask for stories about intuitions on your blog. Mine was very fresh and shocking to me.

I sensed that my wife, with whom we planned to have a child, was taking a contraceptive 🙁

Specifically, the feeling ripped through me two days ago, I could feel my chest too. In the morning, when I woke up. I couldn’t believe it. She asked what was wrong and I said we would discuss it next time. I didn’t want to quarrel unnecessarily because I don’t like to quarrel at all, but especially not when I get up.

Then early in the morning she asked me again why I was grumpy. I asked her back, ‘how long have you been taking birth control pills?’ She asks, where do you get this? I say I KNOW! She confessed that she took the first pill a week ago 🙁

So it’s true what your master said to you, “We don’t necessarily feel just the things that are positive for us.”

I had a hell of a day that ran me out of the world. By the end of the joke, my mother-in-law reassured me that night, “Oh dear, don’t you remember that we’ve been discussing this for three months and a half?” Unfortunately I didn’t remember that, either because I was tired, or the wine, or both 🙂

One thing is for sure: this is a classic intuition story!



Using intuition as a cop …

I have already told you personally, but since you asked for specific intuition stories, I will now describe:

After your intuition course, I practiced a lot in everyday life and also during my investigative work. I had a lot of surprising experiences, but for now I would just like to detail one briefly.

It was not long ago that we were looking for a person who was under patrol. A III. district was announced in a residential park, but as we approached, I felt it would not be at the declared address, but somewhere nearby.

When we arrived, the person was not at the reported address. That’s why I started using my intuition. I found it a few blocks away. My colleague looked at me very strangely 🙂

I’m sure not only the “street man” but also the cops are very helpful in learning their intuition, as you mentioned in our training how the Israeli army uses our capabilities.

In any case, thank you very much for what you have learned!


Feeling the loss of my husband

Dear Tas, here’s an intuitive story from a few months ago:

I had a rare feeling, a departure, or a death, about my husband while I pushed the stroller.

I also saw the pictures, I saw myself at the funeral, it was a very stupid feeling and it came out of nowhere. I cried myself, it was so deep. And then what happened? I cried for another half year…

He left three days later because of another woman, even though we had a 3 months old little baby. It turned out to be a death for me. After that, I died too, at least part of my soul was completely destroyed.

Luckily, fate was gracious to me, and after a few months of suffering, life has surprisingly brought me together with the couple of my life we ​​had immediately moved in with for half a year now. Forever!

So the intuition seems to be symbolic because I experienced a sudden breakup after 11 years similar of death.


I felt my couple coming!

Hi Tas, I’m Endre Molnár. You may not remember me, as many people come to you for advice. I was in training with you.

I’ll tell you my intuitive story, which you’ve asked many.

As you may know, I’ve been dealing with people full time for years, and of course I don’t remember everyone, but it hasn’t happened so much that when I see my next client, I greet her with “we’ve already met”. The lady looked puzzled and said “we never met.”

The lady has been my current partner for almost half a year, whom I have never actually met before.

I was very surprised when she said several times that we had never met, but I was sure I had known her for a long time.

Dominantly, on the reading the issue was the relationship, and I sketched a divorced family father with two children who was dealing with strange things … and it only fell afterwards that I sketched myself!!! I knew the end of her current relationship, I knew she was going to have a new relationship soon, who should be very close… so I was actually standing there 🙂

Now we’re getting ready for the baby!

I use intuition a lot, not only in my work, but also in my everyday life!

All the best Tas!


I felt my father’s death

Dear Tas!

You told me that one of the disciples had felt exactly two weeks earlier about his father’s death. You also said he spoke to his doctor, who waved. That’s what my story came to my mind.

I dreamed of my father’s death in an interesting way. It was strange because on the one hand I had no such dream before, and on the other hand because the dream happened at dawn that day, BUT he only died at 8 am in the morning and I got the news at 10 am. As a professor of psychology at PTE, the topic became very exciting for me – which is why I went to your intuition course.

I woke up to the next intense, sweaty dream at 3 a.m.: We had dinner at a restaurant when the ceiling opened like a puzzle and my dad slowly rose. Meanwhile, he reassured me, “Don’t worry son, it’s just a dimensional gate.” Then he left. Strange as it may seem, I’ve been calmer ever since, and there’s some kind of communication between us, especially in my dreams, that I don’t think is a post-traumatic effect because it provides information I can’t even know about in principle.

I hope this story has been helpful to you and your readers.

Since then, I have been recommending your conscious dreaming and intuition courses to my students!

See you soon!


I felt my daughter in trouble

Hi Tas!

I’m Alice, maybe you don’t remember me …

Well, here’s a serious intuitive example of what happened two days ago. I think others should pay more attention to intuitions because they could avoid a lot of trouble.

I sensed my daughter might fall off the balcony.

What happened was that while I was soaking the chicken & pepper, I had a feeling out of nowhere that there was something wrong. I threw everything away and hurried to the balcony. It has never happened that she goes out on the balcony (one year old) and start to climb out.

You told a similar story in your course when something similar happened to your son, so I thought I’d share it.

I enjoyed your course anyway, thank you!

All the best!


With my daughter on a wavelength

Hi Tas, you asked for an intuition story, so here’s a not too old story.

My daughter and I were with you on an intuition course, so we practice with each other sometimes.

She was in a tense camp and I was watching exactly what might be with her. I was excited about something, but I managed to turn off my brain with the Nepali Split Focus technique that we learned. I looked at what clothes she was wearing, what she was doing, etc.

I connected and it became a forest feeling, a hike, so they are in nature.

Then she called and everything was correct except for a little thing. I really managed to turn off my brain and be able to focus on my intuition.

I realized that daily practice is important in recognizing what a feeling of error is like and what a feeling of intuition. Huge difference.

Thank you for what you teached!


The story of remote viewing with my mother

After the course I tried what we practiced, so I took out the remote viewing technique, since I live in Israel, I thought it was quite far from Hungary.

Intuition has been taught several times during my military training, which is mainly used in sharp shooting when there is no time to aim precisely, but in such a detailed explanation I have just learned from you, I have never heard from anyone.

So I took out the relaxation and meditation exercises I learned, thanks to which I managed to relax quite well, and then, with the help of Tonglen, I “looked” at Mom, who lives in Hungary. I saw her sitting at the hairdresser, I felt the feeling as they dealt with my hair as well. It was unusual since I was sitting in a room at home, yet I felt like I was feeling it, but not as specifically as if I was sitting at a hairdresser either. I “looked around” the store, but the details there couldn’t be tested for sure afterwards.

But Mom confirmed everything, everything was correct. The color and tailoring of the dress, for example, is perfectly right! During the practice, I also “knew” what they were talking about, and that’s what I was really shocked by. To be quite accurate: I didn’t hear, and didn’t exactly “understand” the words, but the meaning was clear and the feeling was the way and what was being said to each other. Somehow I would like to recall the dialogue of a movie, so Mom said pretty much the same thing I noticed. I say that pretty much because if I had heard the conversation right there with my ears, I wouldn’t have been able to recall it more accurately word by word.

After meditation, I looked at the time and subtracted an hour from it, because an hour is the difference between Hungary and Israel. The next day I just called Mom, told me where she was, what clothes she was wearing that day, what she was talking to the hairdresser about, and she said everything was right.

That was a very creepy experience!

My partner did not believe in my intuition

The other day, I told my intuition story in an online course when I felt a gift for my mother-in-law’s mom. The family has been thinking I am a witch 🙂

We went to visit my husbands mom. We wondered what to bring as a gift. We had no idea, but we didn’t want to go empty-handed.

One morning, on the morning of that visit, an idea popped up that sounded stupid: a deck chair 🙂

My husband thought it was a completely stupid idea, but eventually he went in to go to the mall and buy what I figured out.

Well, what happened was that Mama, when she saw what we were taking, was stunned — along with my partner — and said she had picked out just such a deck chair in the mall. Me and the family were surprised. I will never forget that face full of amazement 🙂

We seem to focus on our loved ones, the intuition goes better.



I feel the conversations in advance

Hi Tas!

Well, I have to say the following, I hope it helps your students.

I was on a course with you after Denmark 8 years ago and since then I have understood the outcome of the conversations much more. I feel what they will answer to my sentences, which is very important in my work. But also in private anyway. Now I have gone further.

I realized that conscious use of intuition is very important, like when I call my husband or daughter. I’m just taking in advance mentally half a minute to see how this conversation is going to go off. I’m going in mentally. I visualize my interlocutor. A feeling slowly creeps in. Should I call or not? Do you pick it up or not? What they will react to what I have to say? Well it’s extremely interesting because it works!!! One can make a phone call before the call actually takes place!

Thanks for everything,


I avoided a fatal accident intuitively

Here’s a fresh intuitive story.

I planned to go to Transylvania by bus, but the nights before the trip were restless for 3 days. I had a feeling “I don’t want to die.” I’m not a paranoid person anyway, and I’ll admit, I didn’t even understand why that feeling was coming.

After we stopped at Debrecen, the ambience of the bus somehow fell silent on the way … and we were on our way. I had a feeling I had to go ahead to the driver to ask when we would stop next. I had to go there automatically, there was also pressure on my chest. I didn’t feel too well at all, it was a repressed mood.

When I touched the driver’s shoulder, it turned out he was sleeping!!!

And all he said was that ‘I apologize’.

This experience has left a deep impression on me ever since. I was the only one who felt it and maybe these were the last seconds of our lives.

I’m sure if I don’t get on that bus, the whole yoga group will take a seriously bad trip!

So much for intuition!

Good evening!


Feeling my daughter’s birth in advance

In fact, the story is not fresh, it happened in 2001. By then, I had already learned intuition in Thailand and from Tibetan masters.

When my daughter was conceived, both I and my wife knew exactly how our treasure was conceived. I also knew her name at that wonderful moment. Interestingly, due to my longer vocation abroad, this was (would have been) the last time I was together with my love. We actually said goodbye. I already had my ticket to Asia. I’m still relieved how much gift I got back then. Like picking apples in the Garden of Eden! Because her name is Alma (Apple in English).

For safety, we went to the gynecologist to see if everything would be okay with the baby. The doctor asks my love what makes us think the child was conceived? We looked puzzled and said we knew she was conceived and ready. Answer: ‘You can’t just know that… pfff’.

Well, we had no doubt at all, not any. A real child of love. The biggest gift of my life!!! My wife name means “a gift from God” anyway 🙂

And the plus joke is that my father-in-law dreamed up my daughter’s face. When I rushed to send my grandfather a fresh photo of his granddaughter the moment she was born, he immediately responded by mail that this is exactly how he had dreamed.

I have now shared my own private intuition story, exceptionally.


Child’s precentiment

Hello Tas!

You asked for intuition stories, so here’s a weird story 🙂

My daughter announced angrily earlier this week, crying that Daniel would break the table this weekend. It’s true that my daughter had weird things, but I didn’t know what to do with it.

Then on the weekend, when Daniel came to us and lay on his stomach on the table, he fell down on the floor with a table of glass and really shattered.

To this my daughter said, “Do you see that as I saw it?”

She still had some interesting things to write to you later.