Intuition is your trip to the mindfield. 

We use our intuition and our sixth sense to travel in time and space. We will open our windows to take a look, and we will open our doors to take a walk.

Mastering our sixth sense is a life-long practice, just like riding a bicycle. We need to learn how to ride trough the mindfield. Practicing to use our sixth sense is easy and extremely benefitial, as it is the only sensor of us, that has no limit in time and space.

This is also a capability that we were born with, but we forgot to use it as an adult, so practice will give us back this „supernatural” gift into our life, not only for a daily use, but higher purposes as well. The tibetan practices for intuition are very specific and easy to do every day!

Now please understand that intuition has nothing to do with any speciality at all. It is not a supernatural thing, but a thing that if it mastered….then it is amazing!

After you openned your windows to the mindfield with the detailed meditations, and you let yourself to calm down to open the door to the mindfield…then you’ll have a trip!

Take a look in the morning: what’s the time. Take a look on someone when you calling someone…then ask the person: „how are you doing?”. If you order a pizza, and they saying it is coming in forty minutes…don’t believe! Take a look in the mindfield, and try to guess of the arrival time. Just look on many things in the daily life, and watch your feelings!

Use your sixth sense before you start to think of anything! As Albert Einstein stated: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”