Travel to the mindfield by lucid dreaming. 

We all sleep 1/3 of our life and we are dreaming 8 years in total. How humble are those who have to face with the fact that they are doing it absolutely unconsciously?

First make the name clear: lucia coming from the latin word Lux meaning ‘light’.

Dream is a form of creating creatively something you wish, or alternatively something you fear from. Now we will controll our dreams as our wishes are driven, and we do not except to have any fears to come into our minds for years. No way!

The techniques are funny in a way, but serious in the other way. They are VERY useful! And this techniques are developing our mindfulness not only at daytime but night time as well! Surely!

You can practice the MILD and the WILD techniques. Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreaming is for daytime practice and Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming is for the night time practice. It is advised to practice both of them, so you’ll have a very short period of time to realise what is LD.

If you prepare yourself with a question before getting into the bed, probably you’ll have answers in the morning, as there are „future-teller” dreams at dawn…especially at full moon.