Meditations are your travel tickets to the mindfield. 

We have to be open minded to travel in time and space. We have to open our windows to take a look, and we have to open our doors to take a walk. It is simple and clear.

There are different kind of meditations, but simply there are only two: active and passive. So there are actively walking meditations, eating meditations, cleaning meditations and so on. Passive meditations are mostly sitting meditations.

It’s doesn’t important what is the kind of the meditations, but the rate or frequency! It has to be practiced daily twenty times at least in every situtation of life!

For us, meditative mindset is the key to enter into the mindfield. Thus we need to practice in all life situtations: washing dishes, waiting for the bus or in a traffic jam and so on.

Don’t be scared…this meditation is simple. It takes 30 seconds, and you can do it at any time, anywhere with any position.

Let me show you in a video that will be uploaded here soon.

In text it is like this: sit in any position anywhere, and watch at least three sensable things on your body. Start it simply: sit down to a chair, place your palms to your limbs and just sit back. Now please watch your feet on the floor. Just concentrate to your feet. Scan all of the feelings of your feet.

Now concentrate to your palms. Scan all of the feelings of your two palms.

Now concentrate to your back. Scan all of the feelings of your backside.

And now put this feelings all together in an instance. Concentrate to your feet, your palms and your back…put it all together. That’s it!

In the meanwhile please breath slowly, and relax your muscles.

And now we can slowly start to travel in the mindfield that I will explain later. This was the preparation.

Practice it daily anytime anywhere in every situation as much as possible.