Teaching intuition online

Online psychic teachings are valuable.

I do teach to travel in the mindfield by our third eye since 2005 physically and I do teach online since 2010.

I LOVE to teach this truely simple, practical practices, as I see how my students are developed, brave to practice…and they are happy that their eyes are openned.

It’s a fact that online teaching is just as valuable compared to the physical teaching. It is just the same. Many people saying that physical presence is important for them. No, it is not important!


Connect to the mindfield by using your energy system and by this way, your third eye. You will see clearer what are your destiny gifts and how you can use them in your life.

Seek advice for you and others in terms of relationships, wealth, health, career and so on.

You can move to the past, stay in the present, and by practice you will have more ability to move into the future.

Open yourself, your heart and your mind to your full potential, and look into the time and space to be truly guided in the right direction in you life. This course will help you find direction, heal your ancestral line and traumas held within the body. Know your true destiny and the deities that can assist you in your daily life.

About the course

First of all we will talk about how the energies do transmit information trough the mindfield…just as any new technologies do send information trough waves.

Next step we will have a discussion on the practices of intuition by the tibetan practices of using our third eye. This practices are quite easy, but need some effort to practice!

After all we will talk about the main subject: the precious Tong-Len. It is a tibetan practice of compassion. It is the way to enter to the mindfield and have insights on a deeper level. We call it clairvoyance.

We will talk about about things that helps intuition on a higher level (crystals, accupuncture points, essential oils, herbs and so on). Then we will talk about the possible failures, also about some moral and etchical rules and the basics of the mediumship.


I do teach groups live all around the globe and online worldwide as well. Private teachings are also available!

Next online workshop will be held on the 20th and 21st of August, 2022. Details you can find on this link. Please register by email to deepmindfieldtravel@gmail.com

Just contact me at tasbognar@gmail.com for any detailed information!

Take a look on this link of what the students experienced after practicing the teachings.