We are truely and deeply swimming in the frequencies of the mindfield like fishes in the ocean. You can call it Psychic field, or Akasha in ancient sanskrit language or Morphogenetic field but in fact there is an electomagnetic field inside our brain with full of information…and we can swim in that ocean of information back and forward in time and space. We can sense it emotionaly and intellectualy but to be honest, it is spiritual in a way, as our spirit gets the informations from time and space in a way as no other senses can do. Our sixth sense has no limits to see and understand the informations and messages of intuition.

Immagine that there is a radio, or a wifi router. Sending and recieveing informations trough the waves. You and me are just like that. We are sending and recieveing informations, and others can sense it any time without exeption. It’s a fact. Our nerves recieveing those vibrations, processing the information in our brain -so callled third eye-, and it is just simple as that.

All living beings are in the mindfield full of thoughts, feelings and actions and willings. I do mean all the living beings…including the passed loved ones as well, or the ones who are not presented bodily at all.