The retreats are for learning, practice and adventure.

We will have some fully inspirationing weeks in the jungle, the desert, the Himalayas with masters of Thailand, India and Tibet. We will focus on the deep mindfield travel techniques, but we will enjoy the fresh air of the jungle of South Thailand, the killer heat of the Rajastani desert, and the naturally cool A/C of the Himalayas.

We will not only meditate and practice, but we will have enjoyable activities of all kinds. In the jungle, in the desert and in the Himalayas. So the studies and the activities are half-half. We will study and practice, but we will enjoy adventure as well.

The retreats are fully organised, and always backed up with a local master. In Thailand there will be the abbot of Suan Mokkh Monastery to teach you all kind of meditations. In the desert of Rajastan there will be a perfect yogi to amaze you (I love him personally). In the Himalayas there will be Chamtrul Rinpoche, my personal master (and the master of H.H. The Dalai Lama) and Vijay with his powerful yoga.

So all the retreats are for study and practice and to have fun in a very different level.