The teachings are all about psychic abilities to travel in the mindfield.

We are all gifted with many sources of psychic techniques. And we can develope it to a higher level above immagination. We are truely gifted, and I am here to teach you how you can practice in a daily way…to get used to use intuition for example.

We are using our mind day and night 24 hours without being aware that it is working for our sake…or for our bad luck (if we are scared of something).

We can be more conscious. We can be aware of what we are looking for. We can be aware what is our future for the next step in life.

The teachings are those Tibetan mind techniques about intuition, creative mindful creation, lucid dreaming, controlled remote viewing, psychotronics and so on.

I have learned the techniques from Chamtrul Rinpoche in tibetan monasteries for years. I do teach them since 2005 for thousands of students. And I can make you sure that all of this techniques are working for all of us.